Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coins Of Malaysia 1990 Limited Special Edition introduce Malaysia to the world

--> Front cover with case.
--> Page one is description about Malaysia.
--> Page three description about motif used on the reverse of the coin.
This limited special edition Coins of Malaysia 1990 introduce to the world about Malaysia!
first sentence description about Malaysia in this coins booklet is about location of Malaysia and it capital city. Second sentence is about history of Malaysia which started from Malay kingdom of Malacca and the year Malaysia was formed that is 1963.
For third sentence, it tell the world about Malaysian that is embracing a divers group of Malays and other indigenous peoples that is Chinese, Indian and other minorities. Also inform the world about official religion and national languages.
The rest sentences is wrote about a little political review of Malaysia and economic information of Malaysia and Malaysian. (you can click the picture to read full sentences)
The coins of Malaysia actually tell the world about the tradition of Malaysia which showed at the reverse of the coins:
1. RM1- Keris, a traditional Malay dagger backgrounded with popular "songket" motive.
2. 50 sen- Wau, traditional kite of Malaysia which played by Malaysian especially from east coast during the windy seasons.
3. 20 sen- Tepak Sirih, intricately craft that used to store betel leaves and its accompanying condiments.
4. 10 sen- Congkak, Malaysia traditional indor games which played with marbles. (its remind me that im a champion of congkak during my matriculation college study =p)
5. 5sen- Gasing, an entertaining and competitive sport amongst the resident of the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia.
6. 1 sen- Rebana Ubi, are often assembled in group of five and played during wedding celebrations.
(for more details please read it on the pictures above)
I wrote in English this time is because to share with peoples around the world how this hobby really interesting and of cause to tell the world about Malaysia!!!

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